"The Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission provides the federal government, the State of Alaska, and rural communities the chance to improve law enforcement and justice in rural Alaska. The problems caused in our communities by alcohol and domestic violence are ever growing..." – Senator Ted Stevens


Created by Congress in 2004, the Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission (ARJLEC) was tasked with convening work groups and hearing ideas from the people of rural Alaska to improve law enforcement, judicial responses to crime, domestic violence, child abuse and illegal alcohol. Learn about the mandate and mission →


Since its formation, the Commission has:

  • Gathered testimonies from the public in 2004-2005.
  • Created four workgroups of professionals, experts and officials, and tasked them with evaluating the public testimonies.
  • Reviewed over 100 options from the workgroups, and distilled those into nine general recommendations.

The Commission's work and recommendations →